Building a New Home

In the past people have not spent a lot of time looking at heating when constructing a new home. Typically, most home builders chose between standard electric baseboard heating for it's low installation cost or oil fired heat for their low operational costs.

Today there are a number of new options available offering total comfort in the home as well as affordable operating costs.

We work with each customer to give them the best heating solution for their situation. Let's look at some possible choices...

Heat Pumps
A heat pump provides year round climate control, producing even, comfortable heat in winter and air conditioning in the summer. It dehumidifies, too, reducing mould and excess moisture that can invade walls and window frames and results in serious repairs.

A heat pump also filters the air to reduce irritants that could aggravate breathing problems. And it's a non-combustible heat source so it uses no flames, no fuel and produces no fumes. That's why the Lung Association of Nova Scotia includes heat pumps in their Formula for Healthy Indoor Air.

Heat pumps are as affordable as any other heating system. For every unit of energy used, they can produce three units of heat. This efficiency makes them cost effective. In fact, you can heat and cool your home for about the same cost as other heat-only systems.
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Electric Thermal Storage Heating
(ETS)Electric Thermal Storage or ETS, is the technology of storing low cost electricity in the form of heat for use in heating 24 hours a day. ETS equipment stores heat during off-peak hours. 
Off-peak hours are those times during the day or night when a power company can supply electricity most economically. By utilizing ETS with you can take advantage of Nova Scotia Power's special reduced electrical rates during off-peak times. 

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) is a clean, safe, comfortable, and reliable method of heating. This heating choice is growing in popularity because it is 100% efficient and provides warm, cozy heat and significant savings. While ETS provides great benefits for consumers, it also provides significant value for the power company.
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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. We've grown used to air conditioning in the workplace, our cars, even the places we shop.

Including air conditioning in your new home not only increases it's value, but your comfort as well
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