Electrical Thermal Storage

What is Electric Thermal Storage?
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating is becoming more and more popular in Nova Scotia. Utilizing Nova Scotia Power's "Time of Use" electricity rates, electric thermal storage offers clean, comfortable heat at considerable operating savings in comparison to traditional electric baseboard heat.
ETS can be installed 
in the form of room heaters, a forced air system or a boiler system adaptable to either infloor radiant heat or hot water baseboard heat.


As with any of our installations, the first step is determining the heat loss of the house. From here we can work with the customer to compare each style of ETS system relative to price and features.

The installation will be done by electricians who have been working with the product since its introduction in this province by Nova Scotia Power in 1995.

Annual cost estimate shown: 
Is based on a home with a heat load of 45,000 btu/hr, off-peak electric rate of $.04/kWh, standard electric rate of $.075/kWh, propane at $1.60/gal, fuel oil at $2.50/gal, natural gas at $1.20/therm. Your operating costs may vary based on the local energy costs and your home's heating need (which is affected by size, insulation value, temperature maintained, your local climate, etc.,) . The above graph proportionately shows the relation of annual heating costs for most areas.

Off-Peak Heating Economics: Residential:
Space and water heating are the two largest energy loads in a home. During winter months, these may account for as much as 85% of the total energy used. With the use of ETS equipment and an off-peak rate from the power company, homeowners can realize annual operating cost savings of up to 70% or more as compared to alternative options. Because ETS systems require no routine maintenance, even greater savings are available.st areas. Contact your local dealer for a comparison based on your specific home.

Comfort Plus Hydronic System 

The Comfort Plus Hydronic system adds a new dimension to heating be blending hydroinc heating with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology. You can now enjoy the benefits of radiant heating along with the low cost of operation off-peak heating systems provide. Common applications of this system include in floor heating, under floor heating and hydronic baseboards.


Add the optional air handler and you will have the ability to receive the combination of forced air heating/cooling along with radiant hydronic heating.